Strength is physical, mental, and emotional.

Strength is an attribute that develops.

Strength isn’t measured just by your size, it is measured by your character.

Strength is perseverance: doing something despite the difficulty or delay in achievement.

Strength is persistent: continuing onward in spite of the possible problems yet to encounter. 

Strength is patient: bearing  or being willing to bear opposition, adversity, or strain calmly.

Strength is silent: reserving your thoughts, energy, and time for only positive engagements.

Strength is integrity: holding yourself to a moral and ethical value of code.

Strength is enduring a struggle: facing difficult times and not avoiding them.

Strength is being humble: not to be arrogant, assertive, or carry a huge ego.

Strength is growth: a process of healing, or developing new things.

Strength is embracing your feeling: allowing yourself to express your true feelings,  will-power, and creativity.

Strength is letting go:  you surrender yourself to what was or what you believe is and truely accept what is.

Strength is apologizing: owning up to a mistake verbally. 

                 -Do your actions reflect your apology?-

Strength is loyalty: a devotion of commitment, being morally obligated to protect someone via words & action to the ones you call a friend, family, or a spouse.

Strength is gentle: to raise your voice only in celebration, and you only clench your fists during orgasms.

Strength is forgiveness: a gift you give yourself knowing you cannot change the past but you don’t allow the past to control your future in a negative, hateful, revengeful or fearful way. 

Struggle will find you sooner than you ever thought. In struggle you will find your greatest weakness.

It’s there where you can turn your weakness into your strength by honoring yourself, and the others around you.

Don’t confuse strength with ‘dealing with it’ sometimes the strongest thing you can do is walk away.

Don’t victimize yourself in the cross fire of other’s weaknesses.

Life will test you continually. Sometimes with old lessons you still need to learn.

Gather your strength to pass your test.

Then live humbly until life believes you’re ready for another lesson.

Your strength comes from doing the hard things.

Doing the things you really don’t want to do. 

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I can help you find your strength.