Life is a game of lessons.

We each get our own blank canvas or game board as will.

We each get our own colors, more colors than the rainbow  could provide with our own pieces & utensils.

Our masterpiece is our masterpiece.

We don’t get to copy our siblings or take from the popular crowd.

We design our own from our own insight & inspiration.

Life is a game.

Life will give us the same lesson over and over and over and over again; that is of course, until you learn your lesson where the game will become more challenging; the picture becoming more beautiful.

Life is a game.

We can’t play the “oh why does this always happen to me” card and not wake up.

Life will tempt you to achieve egotistical accomplishments that will leave you lonely in the end.

Life is a game.

You can play it or be played but the only one you’re trying to beat is yourself.

Life is a game of many different levels.

Your goal in this lifetime is to achieve as many levels as you can

but remember, life is a game, moral code honors the winner.

Fill your canvas with many colors.

With love, Miss Ivorie

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