I am trigger warning my trigger warning.

It’s time for a rude awakening.

You are responsible for yourself.

You should know that by now.

You are responsible for the decisions you make, and the people you allow to remain in your life.

One thing you are not responsible for is the hard bullshit life throws at you.

You are responsible for you how you respond to lifes bullshit.

If you are unsure what  a trigger is it is something that may cause a negative response.

It will “trigger” a flashback to a certain event of trauma.

A trigger is meant to create a reaction.

A trigger can be anything.

a certain smell, someones perfume or cologne, fries, peach pie, 

a certain car,

a specific bag, keys jangling, or coins rattling in a pants pocket, clothing item, a blue dress, or a black shirt

a restaurant, or store, any specific  place, item, or thing  can be a trigger depending on your trauma.

A trigger is anything that brings you back to that moment of pain.

If you look closely, you will see that;

triggers exist everywhere.

You cant change that.

So why not focus on what you can change?

You are responsible for how you respond to life’s bullshit.

You will remember those hardships.

It will hurt.

They are HARDSHIPS for a reason.

Life is nasty at times.

You will experience great deals of pain in your life and I am sorry to break it to you,

no matter how much you wish you could change it, the fact of the matter is YOU CAN’T.

You can only change your understanding & response by changing the meaning in which you apply.

You cannot expect the world to walk around on their tip toe’s while you fail to manage your triggers.

If I would hate Asians because my ex cheated on me with an Asian I, myself, not him, I,  would be the hateful one.

I would also be giving my ex the power to take away my happiness.

My happiness is my choice.

Accepting the fact someone you love cheated on you fucking hurts.

It hurts like hell. 

The betrayal will feel like it will kill you.

But the only thing that will kill you is the hate & anger you hold.

The pain of holding on will kill you.

SIDE NOTE: Cheating harnesses the power to kill a relationship, so please, DON’T do it. xoxo  

The pain of holding on will kill you.

Free yourself.

Forgive, for your own sanity.

Use your strength to let it out, not hold it in.

You are ready & deserve love.

I want you to keep in mind very, very few people wake up in the morning with a deliberate intent to hurt or harm someone

ESPECIALLY someone they LOVE.

So forgive. 

Forgive for you own peace.

When you find forgiveness, if you need to, and it is best for you.

If you feel like you need to let certain people go,

let them go, graciously.

Otherwise, try to  repair what’s broken by acknowledging your feelings, & desires with them.

And please, get rid of anyone in your life you tells you  avoid your triggers or ignore your true feelings.

If you are hurting- you need to make peace not run. 

With love, Miss Ivorie




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