What’s wrong with eating doughnuts?

I will tell you what’s wrong with that, with any of that.

To much sugar,  horrible white flour, heart disease, cholesterol etc..

I will tell you what’s wrong with every color of the rainbow and every shape I see.



But what’s wrong with that ?

No one cares to to consider…

…what’s wrong with my opinion?

Have you ever considered that you just might be wrong?

Now I know you might have experience or you may have read it in a book, or this is how it “always” happens.

But what if, and chances are always  likely, you could, in fact wrong. 

You see, 

My opinion comes from my perception.

Your opinion comes from your perception.

My perception is the way I view the world based on the interactions that I have previously seen/been in the days before today.

Your perception is the way you view the world based on the interactions that you have seen/been in the days before today.

Now even if we were identical twins we would not have the same perception.

So what I think, about any of what you think, is really  irrelevant.

I am not you.

Your mom isn’t you.

Your friend isn’t you.

Your brother isn’t you.

Your grandma isn’t you.

Your boss isn’t you.

You are you.

Despite how beautiful,

the story’s you read online,

the square’s you see on instagram,

the thousands of likes you may or may not receive,

they are not you.

You can filter anything to portray a picture of non-existence.

Don’t lose your common sense in the common scene of acceptance. 

Don’t be fooled by the illusion…

We all have chaos, insecurity, doubt, and most of time,

if we have the option,

 we are at home in an oversized t-shirt and undies (or jammie equivalent).

Don’t look down on yourself  because we aren’t where so and so is, or doing what so and so is doing.


Ask yourself, 

who is controlling your perception?

Is it you or, your environment?


Just remember, 

Your thoughts will warrant your actions.

Your actions will shape who you are remembered as an individual.


So I ask you, what is wrong with your perception?

What’s wrong with being a delivery driver?

What’s wrong with having a car that’s 10 years old?

What’s wrong with having brand new clothes? 

What’s wrong with having a toned body?

What’s wrong with disciplining your child?

What’s wrong with quitting your job?

What’s wrong with getting a divorce?

What’s wrong with anything?

What’s wrong with eating doughnuts?

Yes, I know, doughnuts are not a healthy dietary choice.

As a Nutritional Therapist I would not recommend eating them but,

if you go your whole life avoiding simple pleasures you could be sabotaging your mental health.

Go ahead and enjoy a doughnut every once in a while.

It’s the meaning you apply to what you believe.

Hi, I’m Miss Ivorie

I’m here to inspire courage, clarity,  & confidence because this world needs you to be happy.

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