As a child, can you recall a time where for a short period of time you lost sight of your parents? You could have been at a park, or a grocery store and had a minor moment of panic until you saw them again.

Once you saw them again you were flushed with a feeling of relief so strong you ran to them and hugged them  super tight until you felt safe enough to let go?

That is oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the love hormone, a reward chemical, the relief chemical, the cuddle chemical, the touch, the trust,  and vulnerability chemical we all need have that allows us to feel a bond of security.

It’s the hormone that brings everything together.

Oxytocin attracts us to a mate and binds our souls during sex.

Oxytocin allows us to bond, to feel safe.

This special hormone puts our guard down in the most vulnerable of times during sex & during labor.

In order to have to sex  with someone you must feel safe to open up to that person.

As little we we think about it, sex is a vulnerable act in which you entirely, 100% open yourself up to a person.

Sex itself requires a lot of trust but before it even begins.

It is because of oxytocin you are able to.

Making love give us the power to be able to create life.

If you are lucky enough to bear a child then you will be surprised to discover oxytocin is the chemical that induces labor.

If you are familiar with pitocin you know that it’s the synthetic version of oxytocin used in labor to augment, in other words speed up or strengthen contractions.

With every contraction, every burst of oxytocin your baby is slowly making their way  towards the birth canal.

Despite how painful labor may be perhaps, it can be reassuring to know that the love hormone is stimulating the birth of your little.

That the love hormone is surrounding your little one during every contraction with warmth and comfort during their journey to meet you.

Holding your baby for the first time has this beautiful unexplainable connection that wouldn’t be able to occur without oxytocin.

Soon after labor oxytocin is again stimulated during the breastfeeding process.

Without oxytocin, mamma would not be able to  produce milk.

Every time your little begins sucking on mamma’s nipple oxytocin is ignited.

Sending waves of love,  joy, security, and comfort throughout the bodies of mother and baby.

It almost sounds like a paradox that the through vulnerability you find rewarding love but that is just it.

Oxytocin is so powerful it’s magical .

Without it you wouldn’t know what true love is.

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