Be Your Own Superhero

By Ivorie Nicole

This life is going to beat you down, all right.
It’s going to knock you down.There’s a lot of good and there’s a lot of bad.You do not let that bad take you down, do you understand me. Right now people may not listen to you,
and even sometimes when you get a chance to be heard,  people will not listen to you.

That is OK, it doesn’t matter.

You stick to your truth, you honor yourself and you master your emotions.You master your emotions.You’re going to get scared. You’re going to feel bad.You’re going to get down.

But you always get back up. Do you understand me.Do you understand me? You can be scared, that is okay.You can be unsure, but you cannot give it up, you cannot let go of yourself. You need to take care of yourself.
You need to hold yourself. You got it. 

Say I am a Superhero, I am a Superhero.
I am a superhero! You are you are a Superhero, say I am smart,  I am confident I am loved. Say it, I am loved. Life is not always going to be easy but you got a learn how to manage to manage the hard times because when it gets hard it’s going to get hard.
You are a Superhero.

Yes, you are, no matter what anyone says sometimes you’re not gonna feel like a superhero all the time because you’re going to make a mistake.

But it’s not about that, it’s not always about the mistake, it’s not about what you did wrong it’s about how you make it right. It’s how you treat other people when you make a mistake.

You’re not going to be perfect you’re going to make mistakes.Superheroes aren’t perfect but you know it makes a superhero a super. They get back up and try again and they do it better than they did it before. Superheroes always get back up even after they get knocked out.
Someone is always trying to bring them down but they always get back up and so do you.

These photos represent so much strength co-existing with so much sorrow. Maybe, one day, I will share the story behind them but until then, Be Your Own Superhero.

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