BYOS Story

Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.


The Dark Night Rises

Be Your Own Superhero


Becoming a mother to a little boy has made me more true, more generous and more uncomfortable than I could have ever imagined.  These costumes are not for play, not for fun but they carry an important message.

Even though it may look like like it, these costumes are not just for play, not just for fun but they carry an important message.  The love of a mother is inscrutable; impossible to understand or interpret at times but believe it or not, I know very little about Superhero’s on the big screen, I am not a movie loving Marvel understanding mommy. I am just a mommy who got an idea, saw an opportunity and went after it. During my little man’s early years I avoided all violent, crime, action fighting cartoons etc.. but in a world like today there are some things you can not avoid.  I would rather show  and teach my son behavior that reflects honesty, understanding and integrity  so that when he faces  influences of any kind he has developed his own set of skills and level of confidence to make the right decision. Life is not about controlling every thing around you but learning to control your thoughts, emotions and managing yourself in a well-balanced way. 

These costumes have deepened my sensibility. Some random June day in 2018, I was scrolling on Instagram, where I stumbled on  a video of this couple dressing up in Incredibles Costumes to go attend the new Incredibles Movie that was just released in the theatre. The man of the relationship filmed him and his girlfriend walking through the parking lot into the movie theater and I was inspired,  immediately I went to amazon looking for costumes in my size and little man’s size. Within 5 minutes I had amazon primed my little man and I our own Incredibles costumes.  Little did I know the impact this would have or the direction it would take us in changing our life forever.


To Be Continued...