Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life

The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do.

By Ivorie Nicole

There is a powerful 2 ounce muscle resting inside our mouth.

Behind our jaw is the greatest power we can have,

it touches everyone, by touching no one.

It’s our tongue.

Our words, are those who our words effect,

those whose lips we have kissed,

those whose lives we have whispered to.

Reckless words pierce you deep like a sword.

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will break hearts.

Words can’t hurt me, that’s a lie, words have broken my heart.

Words spoken can haunt you for days, months, even years.

It’s a poison that kills slowly.

A smitten tongue, has a harmful mind; a self hazard.

Just close your mouth.

Sticks and stones may break bones but words will break hearts.

Words can’t hurt me, that’s just a lie, words will break your heart.

The lack of discipline to destroy the little around you, you’ve only betrayed yourself.

Our words hold great power.

Our tongue is the strongest weapon we have.

If you can control your tongue, you can control anything.

Our words have the power to create life and to create death.

You use your words to try to destroy me, to try to torture me, because you’re the one who is destroyed, you’re the one who’s tortured.


Your daunted words are wounds of your scars in your unspoken heart, not of my own being, but of yours.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will break a heart.

Words can’t hurt me, that’s a lie, words will break a heart.


The power of our words… they can build they can destroy, they can change us.

Use your tongue to heal and to love.

Your wounds are my wounds.

It’s not about winning or losing,

It’s never the problem against us, it’s us against the problem.

It’s not about who is right,

it’s not about who is wrong.

It’s not about who wins,

its’ not about who loses.

I am not your enemy,

I am for you, but you are so quick to destroy.

Please, speak solemnly.

It is the ultimate lie that words can’t hurt.

Your life of all material, all personal, & all beloved will die with your lie.

Please, speak less.

Even though you’ve hurt me, I don’t want you to hurt me anymore.

” We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less” – Diogenes

With love, Miss Ivorie.

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