By Ivorie Nicole

There will come a time when you will be forced  to stop caring about what other people think.
Not just the people at work, school, or in public but the people you call family. 

Through a very difficult and raw emotional journey I learned that I am responsible for my happiness, my own success and all that revolves around who I allow into my life. Learning that I need to cut ties and set boundary with all the things that don’t serve me was hard but essential. I hope to show my growth of understanding this.

There is a delicate balance between learning how to love your loved ones, despite knowing that what is right for you goes against everything you’ve ever known.

You’ll need  to learn to  understand that people fall victim to their own perspective, yourself included. You need accept that there will always be more to learn and more to do. People can only meet you as well as they’ve met themselves. People can only help you so much, you have to show up, you need to speak up and you need to reach for things. It’s okay to have  confidence to know that your perspective is yours to own, your path is yours to own, your faults are yours to own and success is yours to own. You have to define your life & not defend it.

You need to very careful about who you let into your life as they will influence your
decisions. With time and practice, you will continue to learn to listen to their advice, learn from their mistakes and take the knowledge from their stories and apply it where it is appropriate for you. Not every influence is yourself to imitate but to screen.

When someone’s  words are not appropriate for your own alignment, learn  to become not only confident but proud to make your own decision to shamelessly stand up for yourself.
But, I must note, it’s critical to do your best not to act out of ego. Don’t let your ego be your compass.  Be shameless but in the most poise of ways. You are worthy of love, you are good enough and you are allowed to set a new standard. Shame has a tendency to bring up the feeling of unworthiness, but there is no shame in being honest, no shame in being vulnerable, no shame in being kind.
There is no shame in standing up for yourself.
There is no shame in loving yourself.

So just let it go and choose to trust, accept, & respond with the good. Let go of what your family thinks is best for you. You see, confidence in making a decision comes specifically from understanding the root of the problem. No peace will come from the same environment that disrupted it.

Let go of bad habits.
Let go of limiting beliefs.
Let go of toxic people.
Let go of toxic thoughts.
Let go of toxic behaviors.

Be shameless and say this proudly I am shameless because I know I have pure intentions. Nothing will change unless I change. I respect myself enough to know that what other people do is a reflection of them. What I do is a reflection of me. In being me, I will attract the things for me. I forgive others so I can be free. The mistakes I make will humble me. I am me, I am shamelessly me.