By Ivorie Nicole

Struggle will find you faster than anything, it’s everywhere. 

You will learn to survive through struggle. 

Struggle will either make you strong or weak. 

Don’t be weak, don’t be ugly, don’t let your ego get you, just be strong.

Strength is physical, mental and emotional.

 It’s an attribute that develops over time, a muscle that grows the more you use it. 

Strength is one of those things that is measured by a character of easiness.

To be strong you must contain the following characteristics and nothing else.


Face conflict head on while co-instinctively continuing despite the diffuclty, despite the time it takes.

Calmly bear, or be willing to bear opposition, adversity or strain to reach your goal.

Reserve your thoughts, energy and only give it to things that are deserving. 

Hold yourself to a moral, ethical code of conduct.

Face your demons, don’t avoid them or you will become the worst version of them, become them by choice and then transform them.

It’s a process of healing, a process of growth that is exponential. 

To be strong is to embrace your feelings, accepting of who you are and where you have been.

It’s letting go, surrendering yourself to what was, leaving what was where it is.

Where you have been it matters, but  where you are going is determined by what you are focusing on today,

and no matter what happens, you are not going back, so stop looking that way.

Be strong, look forward to what will be and be okay with what was.

So many times we allow the things of our past to make us who we are.

The fear of betrayal, inadequacy, the fear to trust again can literally isolate ourselves to ourselves.

We can so easily become our worst enemy trying to control the outcome that we sabotage our own growth.

It isn’t easy, but if we think that everyone is going to hurt us, they will. 

Practice to master the skill of being water.

Nothing is softer, or more strong & flexible than water.

It can be anything, and is everywhere.

You get to choose. 

One Reply to “Strength”

  1. Thank you little lady. I read through your blog. Very inspiring. You are visually beautiful, a gifted writer and obviously been through adversity as most of us have. You, seemingly, are coming through that rough spot and are now using your gifts to help others. Bravo! I pray for your ongoing success—providing comforting words, and continuing your own healing while effectively providing though social media a guide– for those seeking solace. Hunter is a lucky little guy having a Mom like you (I hope he makes something for you for Mother’s Day to melt your sweet heart.) Time helps. For healing. For enjoying horse rides though God’s wonderous creation. And even for asthmatics! I have personally been through those tough times, with a worried mother or father frantically seeking relief for their child in the throes of a bout with their asthma. I gave the aerosolized meds to those struggling to ‘catch’ their breath. It takes time for some drugs to work—precious seconds that, seemingly, would never come soon enough. Thanks to gifted physicians and newer drugs, there are now many ways to stay ahead of those panic-filled times. But one tool I knew would always work but it involved trust and patience and practice. If you first kept the child in the arms of one they felt safe, the key to buying time for the drugs to take effect—required putting everything in S-L-O-W-M-O-T-I-O-N. Slowing the rate of breathing. Slowing the flowrate of moving their air in and out—thereby allowing the laws of physics to help. Anyone (who masters using that tool) is able to move more air (per unit of time), and that, helps to buy time while waiting for the drugs to help. Allowing more time (to move the same amount of air, just more slowly) helps to alleviate that inability to overcome narrowed airways. It goes against what you think you ‘must’ do. It takes practice, it takes time and it takes ‘trust’ to believe it will help. But it does (It is one of the laws of physics re: flows of fluids through tubes). Trust. Just like love and healing from ‘lost’ love does. As you well know, little friend. Thank you again, you have made me smile(looking through all your social media tools). Keep up your good work, Miss Ivorie(and breathe free-er). Robert

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